Heated Facial Eye Massager

    Skin Beauty Rechargeable Heated Facial Eye Massager CE&ROHS is Approved

About This Product

Heated Facial Eye Massager

Product NameEye Massager
Model NoCP-027
Plugs Type

Product Description

  1. Intellisense design,ON/OFF touch control,sensor switch.

  2. All-in-one unit provides heating,high frequency micro-vibration,and ions functions,matching the skin care products

  3. Can improve the skin care effect,make skin more elastic and restore youthful luster.

  4. Special function selection ring meets the needs of different skin care,select it freely.

  5. Ions promote skin care cream/gel/lot ion essence penetrat ing into skin basal layer

  6. act ivate skin cells and remove fine lines and wrinkless.

  7. 158 times/s high-frequency micro-vibrat ion massage,stimulate dermal blood cells

  8. accelerate regrowth of collagen,restore elastic fiber.

  9. Comfortable thermal care massage bead maintain temperature 42°C±3°C ,open the pores and refresh skin

  10. keeping skin firm,glossy and elastic

  11. Diagonal design of massage head fit skin closely,lift and massage skin all-round including corners of nose and mouth.

  12. Protective cap avoid massage head scratched.To prevent vibration and bat tery runs out when touched carelessly.

  13. USB rechargeable design easy to use,more energy-saving and environmental friendly.


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