Beauty Machine For Body Massage

    Beauty Machine For Body Massage EMS Slimming Skin Firming Fitness Massager Body Care Massager

About This Product

Beauty Machine For Body Massage

Product NameEMS Body Slimming Massager
BatteryUSB Rechargeable
Battery Capacity500mAH 

Product Description
1.EMS can penetrates the epidermal cells to reach the skin dermis layer, to accelerates the production of collagen,
stimulates the muscle to massage, restores muscle elasticity, and tightens the lines to make the lines more visible. 

2. Accelerate the blood circulation of the tiny blood vessels

so that the skin care ingredients can be effectively supplied to the muscle tissue and the dermis.
3. It can help to repair the skin elastic fiber and collagen layer tissue, thereby relaxing and reducing wrinkles.
4. Massage head components in 24 soft silicone balls which in food grade material with high activity. 

In the middle, there is a mounted import head which comply with the international standards. 

It is in safety, health, and physical Zero irritation to the skin. 

It’s also suitable for allergic skin people’s daily use. 
5. Four functions, as massage, lifting, EMS, tightening in one.
6. English LCD screen display, using steps are very clear.
7. With timing function, each mode is timed in 2 minutes.
8. Ergonomic human engineering design makes you feel good when using.
9. USB cable charging, it’s in safety and environmental protection.









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